Why join us

Being part of something big

We think we have found the receipe for making true model-driven software. It is a change from one way of thinking to another – one conceptual world is being replaced by another – it is a shift of paradigm. If you are a great programmer, join us in this revolutionary way of making software. Become a part of the biggest professional adventure of your life.


We are exploring the latest technologies

We are continually on the search for the right technology for the task, and you will be an important part of this process.


Challenging work
If you love sophisticated and technically challenging work and high quality code, Genus is something for you. Developing Genus Apps involves a continuous transition between terms, questions and solutions on different meta-levels involving best-of-breed technology.

Highly skilled colleagues
All your colleagues are skilled and experienced programmers that set high standards. A Master of Science degree is preferred for all employees. You will be challenged and you will be inspired.

Great working conditions
We think high-standard offices are an important part of a good work environment.


Management stays out of your way
Our management is made up of former programmers, who has among their highest priorities to stay out of your way. That doesn’t mean that you are on your own; it means that you are given freedom with responsibility. We require you to have an holistic approach to programming, and understand the need for daily builds and fixing bugs quickly.